Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a little gripe...

I'm feeling a little bitchy. Probably because I seldom like being told what I can/can't do.

I put a post on my Facebook page yesterday. A simple post really. I'd heard there'd been an accident in town at one of our large employers, and Life Flight was called in. So that's all I put. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And I got my fingers smacked, although virtually. Nothing from that place is supposed to be put on Facebook, per the warning from the onsite big boss and higher-ups from the main office. This warning has been sent out several times...to employees. Employees...which I am not. I simply live in the same town and know people that work there. Everyone in town knows someone who does/has worked there.

So anyone in that area of town at the appointed time would have heard sirens, seen ambulances, maybe even saw Life Flight coming in. It's NOT a secret that something happened there yesterday. And as a non-employee, their social media rules do not apply to me. I divulged no confidential information. No names. No implication of liability. I simply stated there'd been an accident and I was praying for whomever was injured. Period.

So no, I'm not taking down my post. Period.

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