Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A slow day at the office

Dear god, could this day go any slower? I've little to do, and to make matters worse, it's raining outside. That means it is a perfect napping day...were I at home in reach of the couch.

So to pass the time, I'm reading news online. Just a few things caught my eye today, for a variety of reasons.

Like this. Ok, just say the word shark and it scares the shit out of me. What can I say, I was at a very impressionable age when I first saw Jaws. I still refuse to go into deep water. Fresh or salt, doesn't matter. If I have to, I better have a life vest handy, and don't ask me to dangle my feet. Anyway, the question that pops in my head is this: What sort of good is this doing? Thousands of sharks live around there. It is their home. People are the invaders. They live there and people just happen to look like food sometimes. It's a risk we take by going into the ocean. So is this some kind of message sent to the sharks of the area? "Beware! Snack on a surfer/swimmer and you'll be next!"

Or this. Come on's a damn scarf. It's a fashion accessory. If I utter the words "Uff Da", am I suddenly a Norwegian terrorist hell-bent on attacking the world with lutefisk? (Yes, I come from solid Norwegian stock.) Holy shit we have gotten carried away with all this political correctness shit.

Here's another peach of a story. These are the kind of people allowed to teach our children. Ok, so they removed her from the classroom and "reassigned" her elsewhere. Not good enough. Things like this within a school district should translate into a one strike and you're out ball game. That's my "alleged" opinion, since the "allegations" are unproven as of yet. Bullshit. Get her the hell out and send her for remedial classes.

And speaking of kids, this is just sick. Sick and wrong on too many levels. They say a picture says a thousand words. Yep. That does not look like a chaste kiss to me. Sick SOB.

I really need to find some work to do and stop reading about all the crap in the world. Can't anyone report any good news??

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