Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to purge the head a bit. Maybe that will allow me to get some sleep at night. Insomnia over exhaustion really sucks. It's not even that my mind won't shut off, I just can't find my sleep switch. I toss, turn, convulse...nothing. The cat tries to comfort, but seeing as her idea of reaching out in comfort includes her 12 claws finding purchase in whatever piece of skin she can reach, well, she's just no help at all. (She's six on each front paw...could there be a relation to Hemingway's famed cats?)

So it's a boring day at work, and I'm doing more news reading than anything else. Not that I don't have work to do, it's just not fun work. Is there every fun work at work?

So I found a few items of interest today. In the news.

Who came up with this idea? Every level of government is finding more and more ways to screw over Joe Citizen. Am I going to find an envelope in my mailbox next week charging me a mail delivery fee? Will the city tack on a fuel surcharge for reading my meter?

Damn, the boss always shows up at the worst times...later.

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