Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bits and Bobs

Wow, it's been awhile. Life has a way of running away with you if you aren't careful. So today, I'm just going to filter out some of the jetsam floating around, broom out the cobwebs, and otherwise declutter. Hmmm, sounds like something I should be doing around the house.

The 5th grade had their annual play this past Thursday and Friday. Wonderful performance! It's amazing that the teachers can get that many kids on the same page at the same time. And for a musical even! Dean didn't have a stage part, opting instead to be part of the stage crew. Those four boys did an outstanding job with the sets and moving things around quickly. His friend from across the street had a solo song to sing and did a great job with that. Go K! And so our elementary years are nearly at a close. Sigh.

The weather has finally straightened out. And in typical Idaho fashion, it's gone from the 50s to the 90s overnight. Damn. I got some of the storm windows off and screens in place yesterday and it's refreshing to get new air in the house. I will be pushing Devan up the ladder to remove remnants of plastic from the second story windows today.

Speaking of Devan, the driving continues. With his permit tucked safely in his wallet (which hasn't come close to the washer since May 7) he's more than willing to drive me all over. He's doing a good job, despite a few bad habits he thinks he needs. We're working on those...patiently.

Devan is also working. Every chance he gets. He's working for my Dad and uncle every weekend, moving pipe, helping in the shop, running the shovel for my Dad on service calls. He's also working for a local farmer moving and setting pipe, and whatever else they find for him. I'm honestly impressed with his treatment of paychecks, too. If it's cash, he takes a little stipend and sends the rest to the bank with me. A paper check goes directly to the bank. He's got nearly $1000 on deposit...I'm honestly a bit jealous.

Mike continues to work in OR. They came home last weekend for Mother's Day. He took me to dinner at one of our local steak houses. Not a national chain-type place full of noise and distraction. This is a very quiet, intimate eatery. Perfect for escaping life and kids for an hour. I had the best steak and shrimp I've had in ages!

He's home again this weekend, too. They had a rough week and accomplished little, so the boss shipped everyone home to get their heads back on straight. It's nice having him home, even if he chooses not to believe that.

Which brings me to a rant, of sorts. Why do men love independant women so fiercely, right up until we prove that we can indeed carry on our daily experience despite their absence? I'm not sure how my ability to take care of whatever comes up translates into not wanting/needing him around. He's gone. Things still need to be handled. I'm here. I must find a way to handle them. Period. I'm a smart girl with a good head on solid shoulders. I'm also not the type to fall apart and wring my delicate little hands at the slightest hint of a problem. I tend to take care of business and fall apart later.

Yes, the stress of being the only parent/adult does get burdensome at times. Yes, I miss him with every breath. But I can't fall apart, hide in a corner, or run screaming for the hills. I deal. And I deal the best I can, sometimes in very trying circumstances. The days get long, the nights tend to be short, and sometimes the stress builds. That's why I love it when he comes home, even if I seem grumpy.

Enough of that...for now.

Before I head off for the day's chores, just a few observances:

I discovered, in watching other play-goers on Friday night, I'm not necessarily the social misfit I often think I am. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of Mom. I don't wear the latest styles, the smartest shoes; I don't visit my stylist every four weeks for a trim and highlights; I don't have beautiful nails or a french pedicure. But I also don't have hair that is brown, red, and orange. Virulent orange. I don't look sloppy. I don't have a full calf-length tat of gouls and screaming demons. And I certainly don't put my body in a tight mini-skirt with a spaghetti tank that gives me uni-boob and head out in public. I look okay after all.

Despite the obvious lack of snow, people still can't find the lines in the parking lot at the grocery store and park in an orderly fashion. People, they are yellow lines. Aim for the area between them! If you have an over-sized vehicle, park at the end of the lot in two spots, DON'T park right up front and leave your ass hanging out in the driving lane three feet.

Do not tell a grumpy woman to "just start bleeding". Those are fightin' words.

Do not tell a woman who lives life surrounded by men of all ages that she is a man-hater. Just as you profess to not understanding the ways of estrogen at times, we are also struck, at times, with the inability to understand how a penis gets in the way of logical thought. We deal with you the best we can, just as you deal with us. Sometimes we can't understand, but we still have to coexist.

And finally, ladies, please, I'm begging you, just look in the mirror once in awhile before leaving the house. If you have 10 pounds of muffin top oozing out the top of your painted on jeans, it's not a good look. Mom jeans up to the eyebrows aren't any better. Just shoot for something that splits the difference.

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