Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some of my favorite posts

I'm pulling some of my favorite posts from my old journal. Call it historical data...whatever. They are things I want to remember...

From January 7, 2007

My Best Girl, Rest in Peace, Baby

Words won't come yet,
It's too soon, I suppose.

Nearly 15 years ago I brought you home,
Just a wee little ball of black fuzz.
You were cute beyond words.

Over the years,
We tried your patience so many times.
Kittens that grew to cats;
Puppies that grew to dogs;
Babies that grew to noisy and boisterous young boys.
And reigned supreme.

Even when you started growing old,
Even when illness started it's slow march,
You remained a force to be reckoned with.

I knew,
deep down in my heart,
This was to be your last winter.
I could tell you were tired,
that age was wearing you down.
And yet, you kept holding on.

Today, in the quiet of early morning,
You called out to me one last time.
One last look,
One last meow.
As I held you and rocked in your chair,
You slipped quietly away.

I'll miss you Missy Kitty.

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