Sunday, April 13, 2008

Absolutely nothing from the depths of my fried brain

So...this week has been...long, busy, mind-numbing.

It's finals week and the homework is kicking my ass. My physical response is a perpetual headache and exhaustion. Really, it's getting old. But at this point, I'm actually on target to finish with time to spare. I have about 12 problems left on the final and I'm hoping they don't hurt too bad. The assigned problems were awful until I found some help online. It's pretty sad when the online information is far more beneficial than the textbook. The text just sucks.

DH and I have had some spats this week...a far too normal thing anymore. I'm just so sick of it. My physical response is more head pain and some stomach/gut discomfort thrown in for good measure. I also get jittery, like there's a low grade electric current running through my whole body.

Work was busy and boring, by turns. Monday and Tuesday were so busy that 8 hours a day weren't enough to get it all done. By Thursday I was watching youtube videos to pass the time and keeping track of songs played by the local radio station for my son. Friday I asked the boss if I could cut out early to work on finals.

Also found out that doing my taxes for 2008 is not going to be a joyous experience. DH has been working in OR lately. Well, we got his paystub for March in the mail on Friday and I was shocked and just a little pissed to see OR state income tax withheld...a lot of it. I call the office, and she was really no help. I call the CPA we share a building with and talk to my counter-part in the office...she doesn't know and will have to ask him. He's so busy with last minute returns I doubt I'm anywhere on his radar right now. So I hop online and start my research (a nice break from homework). Turns out, OR state law allows for withholding on anyone earning income associated with the state. We've never dealt with this before, even when he was working all over the country. I'm so not looking forward to filing 2 state returns next year.

But today is starting out great! Well, other than finding the dog mess in the basement...but that's not my job to clean up. I had peace and quiet to catch up on mail and net reading, and I drank coffee that was actually hot. And now I've just finished a breakfast of real food that I didn't have to cook! The youngest son got up and decided to make bacon and eggs. My hero!

And thanks to the headache I woke up with, the entire entry is painfully boring and normal. My sense of humor should be back sometime after Monday when I turn in my final. I hope.

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