Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just one of my peeves

One quick way to set my teeth on edge... Ask the following question, or one of its variations:

1. Are you mad at me?

1a. Are you a little crabby?

1b. Are you hungry? (Because, well, I get really bitchy if I'm too hungry. The whole low blood sugar thing.)

These are especially prone to piss me off when asked within 10 minutes of you gracing my presence.

See, the thing is, I'm fairly easy to read most of the time. If there's a chance I'm mad about something, people are going to know. I'm either yelling about it, getting ready to yell about it, giving you the stone face, pausing to count to ten, or I turn and walk away. My anger is a very apparent emotion; I guess I'm not grown up enough to hide it quite yet. Sad, but true. However sad, it usually means there is absolutely no need to question my feelings. You don't have to ask and get some bitchy answer, and I don't have to try to fake it. It's just easier on everyone all around.

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