Monday, April 22, 2013

A little bit of tough love.

One of my resolutions decisions for 2013 is to get into better shape. (I really hate the word resolutions.) I want to get in better shape. I need to get in better shape. I don't hold up as well as I did in my 20's. I'm still strong, but some parts of me no longer reside where they once did. (How did my ass get way down there?!) Some parts of me aren't as firm as they once were. (What is with that jiggle in my thighs?!) And, of course, I no longer weigh what I once did. But it's really not about the weight at all, it's about how I feel.

I don't have the endurance that I used to. I've never been a runner, even in my teens. I just could never figure out the rhythm of the moving and breathing over long distances. I was a fair sprinter, but that's entirely different. I used to lift weights. A lot. I love to walk, but put me on a steep hill, and I may have a cardiac event. And yes, I know a lot of it is due to smoking. I've heard the speeches...from everyone. I keep trying, and one of these times I'll be successful.

Earlier today, I took a little break from work to catch up on emails and Facebook. And there in my inbox was the latest entry for a blog I've totally fallen in love with. Today's entry was all about fitness. And she's totally into fitness. As in, she's been an instructor and works out daily. Thank goodness she's also a major cat lover, because I truly can't relate to working out daily. :)

Anyway, part of her entry was a video featuring a man by the name of CT Fletcher. You can find the post and video here. Amanda is awesome and her blog is fantastic!! Sometimes, I just need to have it shoved in my face. Tough love goes a long way sometimes.   Thanks, Amanda!

I think Taz and I will go for a brisk walk before heading to the garage and our closet project.


  1. A brisk walk totally works for me. :) And I'm glad I am a cat lover too. So we could connect. :)

    1. And brisk it was! He likes to move; the faster the better. After 1.5 miles of holding him back a bit, my thighs and lower back weren't too happy with me. :)