Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a curse

Be careful what you wish for.

Some years ago, after settling comfortably into the waters of marriage, we decided it was time for children. I remember lying in bed talking to God, and I asked him nicely to give me boys. I didn't think I could handle girls, for various reasons. First on the list being the drama. Second on the list, well, I'm a girl and I know what they're capable of.

So God, in his infinite wisdom granted my wish. I got two great boys out of the deal. Exactly what I asked for. I had no idea the snowball effect that would cause.

The oldest is pretty much a jock. He's into football and wrestling, sports populated by violence and blood. Bragging rights include declarations of slamming people into the ground, giving and receiving concussions, and breaking noses. Blood is a merit badge for this kid. But he's a good kid. And a cute kid. See?

The youngest is an aspiring jock, having tried football, wrestling, and cross-country. He's found a niche in wrestling. Again, possibly for the bragging rights. He's also the kid who dismantles everything. EVERYTHING! He wants to be an inventor, even though he hates math. Well, who needs math anyway. Last week, he took apart the treadmill I scored for free. The incline function wouldn't work. He couldn't fix it, but did figure out the problem. He's also a good kid, and a cute kid. See?

Now for the snowball effect.

We are an animal loving family. We have had, and always will have cats and dogs in residence. Currently, we have two dogs and five cats.

The big guy is Mike's dog...130+ pounds of American Bulldog man-dog.

The other dog is a Heinz 57 of boisterous, crazy, idiotic male cow dog. Don't be fooled...he's no longer the cute puppy in the picture.

Do you sense a pattern yet?

Now for the cats. Actually, four of them are kittens. Cute as can be with personalities as individual (and warped-crazy) as they are.

Cute, right? ALL MALES!

But if there are kittens, there is a mama, right?

You bet! But she's a raging beyotch!

In a moment of stupidity, I got rid of the female seemed easier than having her spayed. What was I thinking?? And, of course, she was ADORABLE.

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