Sunday, January 10, 2010

You know it's time when...

I may have mentioned some time ago that our cat had kittens. In fact, she had kittens, five of them, in August. August 5th, to be exact. We still have the kittens. Yes, I've procrastinated on finding new homes for them. I knew I'd keep two of them, but which two? How is a person to choose when they're all so damn cute??

Mike has been bugging me since they were eight weeks old, "Are you going to get rid of these guys?" At 12 weeks old, "I'm going to have the kids load them up and take them to Wal-Mart if you don't get rid of them." At four months old, "I'm going to turn them loose outside if you don't get rid of them." And now, five months old, "Are you EVER going to get rid of all these cats??"

Now, you see, they've reached the point their personalities are really becoming evident. We have the cuddler, the trouble-makers, the independent-yet-lovey one, and the sweet little girl. I love all of them and tear up thinking about giving any one of them away.

But yesterday was a pivotal moment in the care and consideration of the cats.

I needed litter and food, two items that I must buy with GREAT regularity. Yesterday, I needed to restock both at the same time.

I bought 20 lbs of food, which will last a bit more than a week. And I bought 56 lbs of litter.

56 freakin' pounds

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